Kerim Safa: Performing Istanbul

Performing Istanbul

Performing Istanbul was a public space performance and an audio installation project that was a part of ISCMS'10 festival and was commissioned by Istanbul European Capital of Culture Agency. The theme of the festival was "another kind of music" and we interpreted this theme by manipulating the public soundscape of Eminonu, one of the oldest and crowded places in Istanbul. For the audio installation part of the project (not the video above), we used a pedestrian bridge as our base, set a PA system on top and hid several microphones in certain areas around the bridge. Our system was constantly recording the daily sounds of the people, traffic etc. in real time, manipulating them via our custom built MaxMSP patches and releasing the processed sounds into the soundscape via the PA system. For the performance part (see video above), we used the sounds we collected in the area earlier that day and we participated in Go: Organic Orchestra conducted by Adam Rudolph.