Animation, Sound, 2023

Cosmos is an audiovisual piece exploring the concept of balance through the movement and interaction of contrasting elements. The digital animation features a white orb gracefully moving through a cosmic field of planets and dark orbs, each oscillating in a harmonious order. Four planets act as gravitational anchors for the white orb, influencing its movement in an eternal cycle reminiscent of the course of celestial objects. The background is adorned with undulating patterns that create the illusion of an ever-expanding universe. The perpetual motion of the animation is accompanied by a musical score inspired by the movement of its elements, creating a multi-sensory experience. Cosmos is a reminder of the cyclical nature of existence and the delicate balance that lies within.

Released as an NFT in 4K UHD resolution, Cosmos is available on Dalbin Tables. Created by the Paris-based design studio Dalbin, this innovative furniture offers a unique experience of digital art by shifting the perspective of the viewer in the physical space. Keeping in line with the nature of this display, "Cosmos" is designed to be viewed from multiple positions focusing on rotational symmetry, which also alludes to the fundamental concept of symmetry in the cosmos.

3840x2160 pixels, 44-second loop, 2 colors, Video

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