The Screen

Animation, 2023

"The Screen" is a digital animation that explores the paradox of authenticity within our digital age. Set in a manually-crafted pixelated landscape, a vertical screen emerges among a group of trees, displaying an abstract interpretation of a tree composed of continuously shifting squares, resembling pieces of a puzzle. As it takes center stage, overshadowing the intricate details of the natural surroundings, this screen serves a dual purpose: it is an integral part of the larger composition and a standalone artwork titled "The Tree", offering a further exploration of the magnetism of digital representations. It is an artwork within the artwork.

Drawing inspiration from the insights of thinkers like Jean Baudrillard, Umberto Eco and Gilles Deleuze, "The Screen" delves into the captivating allure of digital simulations, revealing the transformative power embedded within symbols, and exploring the profound consequences of our digitally rewired minds. Presented on a digital screen, the artwork derives nourishment from the interplay between the virtual and the real, provoking reflection on the intricate relationship between our digital experiences and the authenticity of the world that surrounds us.

960x540x2 pixels, 42 frames, 2 colors, GIF

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The Tree

"The Tree" presents an abstract interpretation of a tree, with continuously shifting squares creating a dynamic puzzle-like composition. As a close-up iteration of the screen depicted in its parent artwork, "The Screen", "The Tree" embodies a symbolic representation of symbolic representations themselves. It encourages contemplation of the intricate relationship between digital simulations and the nature of symbolism, inviting reflection on the multi-layered complexities within the digital realm. It is the artwork within an artwork.

108x192x10 pixels, 84 frames, 2 colors, GIF, 2023

Featured in:

2023 - NFT Show Europe, City Of Arts And Sciences, Valencia, Spain

2023 - TEZ ART MTL - Montreal, Canada